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Why I cannot access individual switches from Schematic Editor library?
Last Updated 4 years ago

Diode, IGBT and thyristor components are not available through commercial toolboxes as individual switches. They are pre-applied and locked inside Converter components. Their exact position and orientation in the converter topology can be seen in the documentation of the converter component. There are two reasons why we limit the user in freely designing converters using individual switches:

  1. In the individual switch implementation for real-time simulation there is a trade-off between the simulation accuracy and the flexibility of modeling the circuit using individual switches.
  2. The Diode, IGBT and thyristor spend much more HIL resources when used as individual components compared to being pre-applied inside the converter component.
Valid applications
There are still valid application cases where individual switches can be used with satisfactory results. For these cases we provide access to individual switches through a special toolbox. If you can identify your application from the list of valid applications, please let us know which one it is and we will provide you with the toolbox.

Effectively communicating new feature request
If you weren’t successful with modelling your converter topology using the existing Converters library and you cannot identify your application as valid for the use of individual switches, please open a support ticket, choosing “feature request” from help topics. There are several ways to communicate your specification to us.

  1. Create a reference model Schematic Editor using Xyce library and send us the files.
  2. You can also send your files using these common modeling and simulation tools: PSIM, Plecs or Matlab
  3. We prefer 1) and 2) more, but it is also possible to send us PDF schematics with detailed description of switching modes and expected output signals.

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