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Are Typhoon HIL products suitable for use in safety-related projects under ISO 26262?
Last Updated 2 years ago

The ISO 26262 standard explicitly recommends the use of HIL system in safety-critical projects for road vehicles. One should replace as many real driving tests as possible by HIL. Since its founding in 2008, Typhoon HIL has accumulated experience in manufacturing, modifying and maintaining HIL systems for safety-critical industries, including automotive and aerospace. This article provides the current state of art related to Typhoon HIL system Suitability according to ISO 26262.

We would be more than happy to support your functional safety engineers in the process of determining whether HIL system involving our products is suitable for your safety-critical projects. Once we together establish the process workflow for your device under test, we will make sure the suitability testing and reporting is comprehensive, repeatable and automated.

We understand that suitability testing can be very extensive and complex considering the frequent modifications throughout the project. Our software and hardware products work in synergy to help you facilitate suitability testing in both initial commissioning and recurring (modification, maintenance) phases of the HIL Life Cycle. Plant model/IO validation, offline and runtime plant model stability analysis, off-the-shelf and custom ECU interfaces, calibration interfaces are just some features and tools we use to facilitate suitability tests.

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