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Can I import models from other software tools to Typhoon?
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In Typhoon HIL software there is a possibility to import models from other software environments.

  1. Importing PSIM power stage is directly supported from Typhoon Software (also exporting from PSIM). Video instruction can be found on this link. Documentation is located here.
  2. Importing FMI/FMU is possible using block FMI Import. On the following link you can find detail tutorial of how to use FMI for importing control part of model from Simulink.
  3. Importing C code is possible by using the Advanced C function component from the Signal Processing library. Make sure your generated C file is ANSI C compatible. In order to access Advanced C function in Schematic Editor library you must have the Software-in-the-loop (SIL) toolbox license. Video instruction of generating C code in Simulink and its importing in Typhoon can be found here. Example model from this video can be found in Typhoon HIL installation folder at: ..\examples\models\how-to examples\boost closed loop advanced c.
  4. In case of virtual HIL simulation it is possible to import DLL and C header files using the Advanced C function. The header file which corresponds to a DLL file, must contain function prototypes which are in DLL (it can be subset of functions from DLL). More about this can be found here. Detailed instruction which is describing the whole process can be find on following link.
  5. There is an open-source project for importing electrical circuits from different software tools to Typhoon (GitHub link: For now project is focused on PSIM and Matlab. On the following link you can see example of importing power stage from Simulink to Typhoon (beta). Detailed instruction can be found on following link.
  6. Typhoon HIL Schematic Editor can be used as an environment for invoking Xyce high performance circuit simulation engine. Xyce-compatible user library is an open-source project that can be found on Github:

It should be mentioned that in cases 2,3 and 4 any non-electrical part of model (i.e. mechanical, signal processing, etc.) can be directly exported and embedded in Typhoon model, but electrical part of the model has to be drawn in Typhoon Schematic Editor.

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