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Can I use TMS320F28379D with HIL SCADA without having HIL device?
Last Updated 4 years ago

Yes, and the same goes for any C2000 Texas Instruments family. You just need to have a suitable interface board that can provide communication between your computer and the TI card.

Also you need to provide the power supply to the TI card. The HIL DSP 180 Interface has an independent power supply input, therefore it can be used without a HIL device. For powering directly over USB you can use the HIL TI Launchpad.

Since you are working without a HIL device you can use our Standalone HIL SCADA application as a control and observation environment for hardware connected to a PC, using any available communications protocols (for instance, serial connection by using a special Serial connection widget).

The SCADA panels in our HIL examples with TI cards demonstrate the use of serial connection widget (establish connection, read-write, etc.): examples\models\hardware in the loop.

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