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Bad cutset/ bad voltage loop compiler warning...
Last Updated 3 years ago

Sometimes during compilation you might receive warning message containing text like:

Warning 3000: Bad cutset consisting of…
Warning 3000: Bad voltage loop consisting of…

When you see such warnings, it does not necessarily mean that there will be a problem with your model behavior, but there could be a potential problem due to topological conflicts between certain component models. If compilation finished successfully please try running the simulation. If you notice that simulation results don't make sense this means that you need to eliminate the topological conflicts in your model. Otherwise these warnings can be ignored.

Also warnings can be related to invalid states which you will want to avoid anyway in your converter controller design. If the listed converter permutation in the warning will not be conveyed by your control, you can ignore this message. For example - if you receive a message, warning about a degeneration of Three Phase Inverter for the switch permutation (1 1 1 1 1 1), you have to make sure that your control of that particular converter is not going to bring it to that permutation.

For more information and examples on how to resolve topological conflicts, please refer to the following links:

Problems & Solutions of Real-Time Model

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