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Connected status: Not connected - why can't I connect active HIL setup when using USB interface?
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In case you are connected to HIL device(s) via USB (unlike Ethernet connection), it is not possible to connect to active HIL setup. Even though, you will be able to use your HIL device(s) without any problem.

Why is there difference between USB and Ethernet connection interface in regards to Connection status?  

The way how Ethernet network works is fundamentally different from the way how USB bus works. 

  1. Ethernet network is Client-Server based system, and in general it is possible to have multiple clients inside a single Ethernet network.
    In the context of connecting host PC with HIL devices, this can cause a problems to HIL users, as all of the PCs are allowed to connect to any HIL device presented on the network. In order to 'reserve' needed HIL resources, you can press 'connect' button and it will set HIL device(s) listed in Active HIL setup to be busy for other users.
  2. USB bus uses Master/Slave architecture. A connected PC acts as the Host device for the entire bus, and a USB device acts as a Peripheral. 
    In the context of connecting host PC with HIL devices, this is simpler situation that in Ethernet case, as per USB standard only one PC can be connected to the bus. This means that there is no need to 'reserve' HIL resources.

Note: The USB connection has higher priority than Ethernet connection, so in case you are connected to HIL device with both connection type, USB connection will be used. Also, remember that USB and Ethernet connection types can't be mixed on a single PC (you can't connect with one HIL device via the USB, and with another via Ethernet).

What does 'Connected' status mean?

'Connected' means that HIL device(s) in the active HIL setup are 'reserved' and set as busy for all the other users on the Ethernet network. This practically means that no other user, but the one who reserved HIL device(s) can use them (load the model, update the firmware,...). 

Do I need to connect to active HIL setup while using Ethernet connection?

Actually this is not mandatory at all. While doing firmware update, or after loading model to HIL device(s), the 'reservation' of HIL device(s) will be done automatically. In practice, HIL reservation is useful only in case you want to prevent other users in the network from using certain HIL devices. This means that if you are the only user who is using HIL devices, there is no benefit of reserving them.   

What are the meanings of terms HIL setup, active HIL setup and default HIL setup?

More information about those terms can be found in this FAQ.

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