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HIL402 as a bidirectional power supply reference controller
Last Updated 4 years ago

In the video on the following link you can see example of using HIL 402 device as a reference controller in a P-HIL application. In this application, the two bidirectional power supplies (ITECH IT6012C-800-40) are connected. One of them is acting as a grid inverter/rectifier and the other one as a battery storage. The power supplies are working in constant current mode and can supply power up to 12 kW and voltage up to 800 V. In this case a HIL device can control both of them working in a bidirectional mode (power sinking or power sourcing). In this setup the HIL402 is setting current reference of a power supply. As a feedback HIL is receiving the measurements from power supplies and displaying them in HIL SCADA. The obtained real measurements can then be used as inputs to simulated circuits. Complete setup is shown in the image bellow.

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