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"Failed to execute script typhoon_hil" problem
Last Updated 2 years ago

General solutions
1. In Windows Explorer, write this path in the location bar


Delete the folder with the name of the software version of Typhoon HIL Control Center you are having issues.

      2. Disable antivirus
      3. Clean reinstall Typhoon HIL software (uninstall and delete the installation folder, then install again)

      4. Install the software with the latest release

      If no previously general solutions work, please open a ticket and answer the following questions:

      1. Are you running Typhoon software as an ordinary user or administrator (try to run as administrator to see if issues are gone)?
      2. Is it 32 bit or 64-bit version?
      3. Which Windows version you are using?
      4. Is Windows using English as the default language or some other language (is it localized)?.
      5. Are you using antivirus software and which one on PC where the issue is occurring.
      6. Where is Typhoon software installed (location, is it in C:\Program Files\Typhoon HIL Control Center 20xx.x or somewhere else)?
      7. If there is the possibility to generate a report about system environment and send it to us, that would be great. Command you need to enter in your command prompt (cmd.exe) is: msinfo32.exe /report reportfile.txt NOTE: These report files tends to be large files, so it is best to put them on some online drive and provide the link to us.
      8. Send us your errlog.txt located in your Typhoon HIL software installation folder.

      Specific cases/exceptions
      1. errlog.txt reports exception containing this or similar line:
      Permission denied: 'C:\\ProgramData\\typhoon\\settings.conf'
      You tried to run the program with no administrator privileges. Please ask the administrator/use administrator account to delete the settings.conf file. Go back to your user account and launch the software again as a regular user.

      2. errlog.txt contains tracebacks (exception fragments) containing words like 'Exception: get_msg_proxy_info(): There is no proxy info file ...'

      There are several causes for this behavior. Most common things to check first are:

      • Are there Typhoon HIL Control Center software process running/stuck in background ? To check open Windows Task Manager application and search for typhoon_hil.exe in process list. Then terminate typhoon_hil.exe process and try to start application again.
      • Check with your IT department if file access rights are allowing Typhoon HIL Control Center access to required paths, especially temporary folder (denoted by %TMP%) and user specific folders contained in %USERPROFILE% and descendant folders.

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