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Can Typhoon HIL perform co-simulation with IPG CarMaker?
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This Knowledgebase article presents an approach for integrating high-fidelity EV powertrain models with detailed vehicle dynamics in automotive driving simulations, realized with a co-simulation between Typhoon HIL and IPG CarMaker.

With this approach, Typhoon HIL can emulate electric converters, machines, and cell-level BMS systems with high fidelity in real-time. Meanwhile, IPG Carmaker can add detailed dynamics such as tires, chassis, air resistance, roads, and autonomous driving functionalities to the simulation. 

The presented co-simulation approach can be extended for electric trucks (IPG TruckMaker) and electric motorcycles (IPG MotorcycleMaker). Simulations would be able to take into account, for example, electrical and thermal behaviours considering different tracks (from motorsport tracks like Nürburgring to specific muddy offroad areas like mining fields) and consumption cycles (like WLTP, NEFZ).

A four-wheel-drive EV example model is available in Typhoon HIL Control Center, from version 2023.1 (examples\models\how-to examples\carmaker co-simulation). For simplification, this example model is running without external controllers – but it can easily be updated to run HIL tests with the original controllers from your automotive project.

Check the Video Tutorial to see it running!


Instructions to setup the co-simulation environment:

System requirements:

  • Typhoon HIL Control Center
  • Typhoon HIL device with CAN connectivity (HIL404, HIL604, HIL606)
  • IPG CarMaker on PC (version 11.0.1 or newer, with a valid license)
  • USB to CAN Adapter connected and driver installed (tested for PCAN-USB adapter from Peak System). Add 120 Ohm termination resistors as needed (CAN protocol documentation).

As a student, it is possible to obtain a free CarMaker licence as part of your project or thesis. You can apply using the following link:

How to setup the project in CarMaker:

  1. Download the folder "ev co_simulation Typhoon", available on this link;
  2. After installation and before opening the CarMaker software, save the folder "ev co_simulation Typhoon" in a suitable folder;
  3. Open the CarMaker software, click on File >> Project Folder >> Select, and select the project folder you saved on the previous step;
  4. Go to File >> Open, and select one of the test runs available (e.g., ev co_simulation WLTP Demo);
  5. Go to Application >>  Configuration/Status, and select the appropriate .exe file from the project folder;
  6. Make sure to set the simulation to realtime, as shown below;
  7. The configurations are ready to start the co-simulation... check the Video Tutorial to see it running!


[CREDITS] The model has been created by: Julian Riedel (Master Thesis at HTW Saar) and Anja Konzept (Bachelor Thesis at RWU) under the supervision of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rüdiger Tiemann (HTW Saar), Prof. Dr. Clemens Reitze (DHBW Karlsruhe), and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Benedikt Reick (RWU) with the car-testbench for validating the measurements provided by Prof. Danilo Engelmann (BFH).

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