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Can I use HIL device as a client (master)?
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HIL device can act both as a client (master) and server (slave) for following communication protocols:

Protocol (standard) Client application component Server application component
C37_118 PMU Receive PMU Send
CAN Bus CAN Send CAN Receive
Ethernet Variable Exchange ETH VE Send ETH VE Receive
IEC 61850 - Goose GOOSE Publisher GOOSE Subscriber
IEC 61850 - Sampled Values SV Send SV Receive
Serial Serial Send Serial Receive
Modbus Modbus Client Modbus Device

For protocols listed below HIL device can act just like server (slave):

Protocol (standard) Server application component
CANOpen CANopen Slave
DNP3 Outstation
IEC 61850 - MMS MMS Server
Modbus - SunSpec SunSpec modbus Device

For above protocols there are 2 ways to implement client application:

  1. HIL SCADA - you can use our Modbus API for Modbus and Modbus - SunSpec client application. More about this you can find on the following link.
  2. Use external clients. Some of them are listed:
Protocol (standard) External client program
DNP3 DNP3 Protocol Client Master Simulator
IEC 61850 - MMS IEDExplorer - link to application note
Modbus QModMaster
Modbus - SunSpec SunSpec Dashboard
OPC UaExpert

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