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What is not supported by the C Function component?
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Declarations of any kind are not supported by the C Function Language, which includes:
• declaration of a local variable,
• declaration of a pointer variable,
• declaration of an array,
• declaration of a structure, a union, or an enumeration,
• declaration of a function, and a function prototype.

All inputs, outputs, variables, and parameters you can define in the "General tab" in the C function block.

In the attachment, you can find the specification of our C function block where you can find what you can use in the C function block and what you can not.

All constants and functions from the following libraries  can be used in the C Function Language:
- <math.h>,
- <stdint.h>,
- <stdio.h>

The following example shows how the cos function from <math.h> can be used:

out = cos(in);

For calculating absolute value fabs function from <math.h> can be used:

out = fabs(in);

The Advanced C Function allows arbitrary definitions of variables.
More information about the Advanced C function can be found here: Advanced C Function.

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