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What is the HIL setup?
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The HIL setup is list of HIL devices defined with their serial numbers. The setups are defined inside Device Manager tool, or automatically using Device Manager API. HIL setups can be saved as *.setup files, so they can easily be loaded/changed according to simulation requirements. 

What is active HIL setup?

The active HIL setup is a setup, loaded from the file or defined in Device Manager, that is currently used for device filtering.

What is the purpose of active HIL setup?

The (active) HIL setup is useful tool only in case you have more than one device inside the network. In case you have only one device, behavior of Control Center will be equivalent with or without active HIL setup.

The purpose of HIL setup is to separate (filter) devices that you need in your current work, from devices that you don't need. When active HIL setup is defined, compiled model will load to device(s) specified in HIL setup, and not on those that are outside the setup.

The same apply for autodetect function in Schematic Editor (function that is implicitly called when pressing Compile and (re)load button). This means that Schematic editor will change model configuration according to connected device defined inside active HIL setup, and will ignore all detectable devices that are outside this setup.

The HIL setup mechanism can be especially useful in test automation. By utilizing functions inside DeviceManagerAPI class, it is possible to run specific use-cases only on dedicated HIL setups.

What is happening in case active HIL setup is empty?

If active HIL setup is empty, Typhoon HIL Control Center will use an implicit HIL setup (i.e. the first compatible device for your model that it finds). In case you have only one HIL device, or your simulation is using all detectable HIL devices (multi-HIL model), you can keep active HIL setup empty, and use implicit HIL setup.

What is default HIL setup?

Default HIL setup is one setup (defined with it's file path), that is automatically loaded and set as active HIL setup. This mechanism is super-useful if  you are using the same HIL device(s) most of the time.

Why I can't 'connect' to active HIL setup in case of using USB connection?

For the explanation consult this FAQ.

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