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How can I use Typhoon HIL to test my communications and cyber security?
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There are several applications that confirm that testing the communication layer of a setup is a proven possibility using Typhoon HIL toolchain.

1. In a 4 minute video about the Typhoon HIL training at TH ULM, Falko Ebe from their Smart Grids research group explains how they use Typhoon HIL: part of the video between 2:19 and 3:00 might be a good place to start.

TH Ulm Training by Typhoon HIL - A good partnership example

2. In the following article, an automated HIL testbed was used to evaluate Interconnection Standard Grid-support Functions:

Interconnection Standard Grid-Support Function Evaluations Using an Automated Hardware-in-the-Loop Testbed

3. Moreover, during the HIL testing of a Shipboard Power System's Management, Control and Protection, various communications protocols play an important role:

Hardware In the Loop Testing of Shipboard Power System's Management, Control and Protection

4. Also, a video from the team at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign about the arpa-e project "Distributed Grid Control of Flexible Loads and DERs for Optimized Provision of Synthetic Regulating Reserves" opens up another perspective on the communication protocols:

UIUC Microgrid Control Demo

5. Research papers published by Typhoon HIL academic users, illustrating resiliency and attack detection applications:

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