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Is there possiblity to have PMSM reluctance machine as component?
Last Updated 4 years ago

Mathematical model of PMSM reluctance machine is same as Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine with Salient Rotor.

The block estimates the mechanical torque Te of the PMSM using the torque equation in the d-q rotor reference frame:

Te = 3/2 * p (psi * iqs + (Ld - Lq) * iqs * ids)

The first term is due to the permanent magnet flux. The second term is due to reluctance variations and disappears in a salient free machine.

To create reluctance PMSM machine you have to define two parameters:

  1. Set psi = 0
  2. Set different values for Ld and Lq parameters.
More information about PMSM machine you can find here:

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