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How to generate .dll file for Advanced C function?
Last Updated 3 years ago

Steps how to create .dll file for Advance C function:
1. Install 64 bit C compiler for Windows or use C compiler from installation:
2. In Command prompt line go to the directory where C function is saved and use next commands for creating DLL file:
2.0 If you use the compiler from our software use the following command to set the GCC variable:
set GCC="C:\Program Files\Typhoon HIL Control Center 2021.3\compilers\windows\vhil\gcc\bin\gcc.exe"
2.1 %GCC% -c name_of_c_file.c
2.2 %GCC% -shared -o name_of_dll_file.dll name_of_c_file.o
In that way, you created a DLL file from the C file. Next thing is to add this DLL in Advance C function together with the header file.

The header file should look like this:
#ifndef _DLL_H_
#define _DLL_H_

void FUNCTION_NAME(double PARAM1, double PARAM2, ...); # this is the function interface
int FUNCTION2_NAME(void);


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