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What is the maximum number of Modbus registers one can simulate in the HIL device?
Last Updated a year ago

There are number of things that can limit the maximum number of Modbus registers and Modbus devices to be simulated. These are the memory of the HIL device, the number of available IP addresses in the network and the size of the generated code. 

In theory 4.000.000 Modbus registers could be simulated, across 254 Modbus components.

In practice there are two scenarios to take into account:

For Windows users the bottleneck is the C compiler memory allocation, that is responsible for the C code generation, including the Modbus protocol. It is possible to simulate up to around 45000 Modbus registers (tested with 10 Modbus server components).

For Linux users the C compiler can allocate more memory, that leads to a possibility of simulating up to 300000 Modbus servers (tested along with 60 Modbus Server components).

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