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I can't load any model due to "Unsupported device license type" error
Last Updated 2 years ago

Issue description

You may receive the following error after updating Typhoon HIL Control Center from version 2022.2 or earlier, to 2022.3 or any of the later versions.

Compatibility problem
   Model cannot be loaded on device with ID '0' because:
   Unsupported device license type.

This error is caused by the internal changes in license file formatting.

To resolve this issue you need to update the license to a new format. To do that follow one of of the two methods:

1. If your PC (and Typhoon HIL software) is connected to the Internet

If this issue happened, that most probably means that you have ignored the following message:

As the above message is saying, you just need to restart Typhoon HIL Control Center and the compatibility error will be resolved.

2. If your PC is not connected to the Internet or internet access to Typhoon HIL software is restricted (i.e. Firewall restrictions)   

As Typhoon HIL software doesn't have internet access, it can't automatically download a new license file, so you need to do that manually. 

To resolve the issue do the following procedure:

  1. Download the license file from the Typhoon subscription service
  2. On the main screen  of Typhoon HIL Control Center click on the License tab -> Import license -> Navigate to the previously downloaded .lic file
  3. Restart Typhoon HIL Control Center and the compatibility error will be resolved.

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