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Screen scaling problems in Typhoon HIL Control Center
Last Updated 2 years ago

When moving the Typhoon HIL Control Center window between a larger and smaller screen (for example a laptop screen and a desktop monitor), you get erroneous window resizing such as this:

Or some other incorrect behavior such as missing icons or buttons at the bottom of the window, or missing the standard Windows minimize, expand and close buttons at the top right corner.

This issue is related to high DPI (dots per inch) scaling in the Graphics Device Interface (GDI). Although these problems may be seen on a single monitor, they're more common when you use multiple monitors that vary in display resolution.

As a first workaround, you should go to the Windows Display settings and check the Scale and layout settings. Preferably, it should be set to 100% (Recommended). Once you change this configuration, restart the app and check if you can see any improvements.

Alternatively, you can change/override high DPI scaling behavior.

To do so:

  • Right-click the app icon and go to "Properties"
  • Go to the "Compatibility" tab
  • Go to "Change high DPI settings"
  • Enable the checkbox “Override High DPI scaling behavior” and set the Scaling Behavior to “System (Enhanced)”.
  • Restart the app and move it between your different displays to see if there is an improvement.

You can find more information about High-DPI displays and GDI based desktop apps here.

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