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I can't access time varying elements
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Note: If you want to implement inductance(flux) - current dependency in an inductor, it is usually a better modeling approach to use the Nonlinear Inductor.

Issue description

In case you want to access one of the variable passive components

  • variable capacitor,
  • variable inductor, or 
  • variable resistor,

you may receive the following message:

    Component not available due to missing requirements:

    • Device configuration with support for time varying elements.

      Theoretical explanation

      Typhoon HIL devices have dedicated Time varying elements solver on their FPGA chip. Depending on the HIL device that you are using and the selected firmware configuration, these elements may not be available. This is typically the case on some of the configurations on entry-level devices (HIL 402 or HIL 404). 

      The number of available Time varying elements per core (SPC) can be found in the Device Configuration Table:

      How to solve it

      Real-time HIL simulation:

      1. In case you have a 602+, 604 or 606 HIL device at your disposal, you can continue working on it. These HIL devices support time varying elements in all the configurations.
      2. In case you have a 402 or 404 HIL device at your disposal, you will need to change the configuration to one that supports Time varying elements. To achieve that, you need to perform 2 steps::
        1. In the Model settings change the configuration id to the desired one.
        2. Change firmware on the connected HIL device accordingly.

      Virtual HIL (VHIL) simulation:

      1. In this case, you can select any of the available devices in the Model settings, even those which you do not have at your disposal.
      2.  Alternatively, in the Model settings, you can also select VHIL+ as a device. This setting will give you access to significantly more resources than any of the real devices. Please, remember that models prepared for VHIL+ are usually not suitable for real-time simulation, but only for offline (vHIL).

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