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What if there is an IP address problem despite ipconfig saying address is free (host unreachable)?
Last Updated 4 years ago

Ipconfig is not always reliable, sometimes you will need to check with IT/network administrator if a particular address is free.

In order to properly choose IP address when working with direct PC or network switch connection, the IPV4 address of the Ethernet adapter should be taken while the last number should be changed. When on a network switch It is recommended for address last number to be in the range of 200-255.

  • When connected directly on your PC’s Ethernet adapter instead of network switch notice that netmask might change (i.e. could become You will need to apply these changes to any component with network settings.
To verify that the address is not occupied ping ip address> should be used. If ping returns “host unreachable” this means that the IP address is not present on the network.

Whether connected over PC or network if IP addresses are automatically assigned, you will have to update your component network configuration settings in schematic upon every network session. If your IT policy allows, you can change the network adapter TCP/IP(Ipv4) properties and have the IP address assigned manually instead of automatically.

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