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What are the best HIL SCADA design practices?
Last Updated 2 years ago

If you are publishing your SCADA designs or educating others on the use of HIL SCADA, you should strive to conform to these best practices:

  • Avoid runx files (model settings can be entirely handled by panel macros – see examples)
  • SCADA panel should ideally fit (100% zoom) in maximized SCADA (not full screen mode) on a full HD screen.
  • Avoid long-running widget functions - typically functions with a lot of time.sleep() calls trying to implement some sequences. Those functions block widgets for some time and make them non-responsive.
  • Avoid using SCADA scripts for implementing controller functions with strict real-time requirements. Controller should always be fully implemented at schematic level using Signal Processing.
  • All images should be in .svg format
  • Capture/Scope viewports should never be left empty. Demo-relevant signals should be set in both Capture and Scope modes.

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