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What are the best Schematic Editor modeling practices?
Last Updated 2 years ago

If you are publishing your models or educating others on the use of Schematic Editor, you should strive to conform to these best practices:

  • Avoid too many execution rates (including. rate transitions)
  • Use execution rate inheritance wherever possible
  • If possible, the model should be able to run on the smallest device (now HIL402)
  • Selected execution rate must support both VHIL and HIL simulation. Avoid too small Ts that causes CIO.
  • Avoid long and overlapping schematic lines. Use tags instead.
  • Global tags should only be used on the Schematic root, i.e. no global tags in subsystems
  • Component names should be hidden if their function is obvious (e.g. sum, product) or the name is unnecessary (e.g. goto and from tags)
  • All masked subsystems should have at least one sentence as a description
  • Comments should aid understanding of parts of the schematic that are not very intuitive. Using short comments is good in general, but we should be careful about overcrowding.
  • Code in the Model Initialization script should have comments
  • Code in C functions should have comments
  • Once you determine the minimum time step switch from auto to that step to reduce compilation time
  • Do not keep coupling stability enabled unless you need it, because it adds to compilation time

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