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USB connection to HIL Lost / Unable to detect HIL
Last Updated 4 years ago

In case Typhoon HIL Control Center cannot detect a HIL device via USB, this problem can be either traced to hardware, USB driver, or USB power management scheme. Windows updates are known to delete drivers for various devices, HIL included.

First follow these instructions to eliminate any hardware problems that might be causing this:

  1. Move USB connection from front to back. Usually back USB ports are more reliable because they are directly connected to the motherboard.
  2. Use HUB with its own power supply.
  3. Use originally supplied USB cable, alternatively the cable should have EMI filters on both ends.
  4. Check if UART port is in loopback connection. If it is, disconnect it and then restart the device.
If the issue still persists first check if the HIL device is visible in the Device Manager. If your device is powered on and successfully detected by Device Manager you should see it in the list under libusbK Usb Devices:

In this case do the following:

  1. Execute Method 2
  2. Restart your PC
  3. Restart your HIL
In case you don't see the device in the Device Manager or there are duplicate "Typhoon HIL Gen2 Device" entries follow Method 1 below. If Method 1 does not solve your problem proceed to Method 2.

Method 1: Manual HIL USB Driver Reinstallation

To reinstall USB driver, please follow these steps:

  1. Power ON HIL device and connect it to the PC
  2. Go to the Device manager and under View tab check Show hidden devices

  3. Find libusbK USB Devices drivers
  4. With right mouse click open menu and press Uninstall


  5. Select Delete the driver software for this device and press Uninstall.


  6. Repeat this procedure for all libusbK USB devices
  7. Now drivers are deleted and should be installed again
  8. Driver installation can be found in the Typhoon HIL Control Center installation folder: .\Typhoon HIL Control Center\driver\Typhoon_HIL_Gen2_Device
  9. Start the InstallDriver.exe. This installation is “silent” and install window will not be shown
  10. Check Device manager if the installation is complete

Method 2: Disable USB selective suspend setting

To disable USB selective suspend setting, please follow these steps:
  1. Press window start button and type power plan in the search box
  2. Click Choose a power plan
  3. Click Change plan settings next to your active plan (on picture bellow it is Balanced)
  4. Click Change advanced power settings
  5. Select the box USB settings to expend it, and after that USB selective suspend setting also

  6. a) For desktop: From drop down menu select disable
    b) For laptop: From drop down menu select disable for both On battery and Plugged in

  7. Click OK
  8. if you want to restore USB selective suspend settings, repeat this procedure
If this FAQ does not help, you may consult Windows support for similar types of problems.

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