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How to reroute encoder signals for HIL TI Launchpad Interface board 1.1 or older?
Last Updated 8 months ago

If a HIL TI Launchpad Interface board 1.1 or older is used, use this as a user guide to for connecting the encoder to the controller.

For the purpose of rerouting encoder signals, jumper wires must be connected on top of Launchpad. Connections that need to be established are presented in the table below. Pins presented in the same row need to be connected (19 with B, 17 with I, and 15 with A), while Section defines group of Launchpad pins where these pins can be found.

First ConnectionSection

Second Connection (Encoder pins)

SectionDigital output settings
19 (GPIO61)J2/J4QEP_A(J14)DO1
18 (GPIO123)J2/J4BQEP_A(J14)DO2
17 (GPIO122)J2/J4IQEP_A(J14)DO3

A more detailed pinout of QEP_A is presented below:

Proper connections between pins are presented below:

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