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Unable to check for new version of Typhoon HIL Control Center or to download license file
Last Updated 3 years ago

1. Problem description

This issue is happening because Typhoon HIL Control Center can't connect to the server. Before proceeding to further steps, please make sure that you have properly set the internet connection and proxy setting.

This problem can manifest both in:

A) License tab and: 

B) Check for the update tab:

2. Solution

If the problem is not caused by the internet and/or proxy settings, it is most likely that it is caused by an expired Windows certificate. To fix the issue you need to disable the expired certificate. Please follow the steps below:

1. On Windows click on the Start button and type Cert . Select "Manage user certificates".

2. In the certmgr application go to Intermediate Certification Authorities expand it and select Certificates.

3. If you find a certificate issued to R3, Issued by DST Root CA X3, and expired on September 29th, 2021, right-click and select Properties.

4. In the Properties window under Certificate purposes select Disable all purposes for this certificate and confirm by clicking Apply and OK.

5. The Intended Purposes column should be ".

6. Close the Certificate manager app and start THCC to activate your key or check for updates.

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