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How to register using the activation key?
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In the Typhoon HIL toolchain, the activation key serves as an identification which links individual users to their organization’s (i.e. company or university) device license. In order to gain complete access to your organization’s software, hardware, and customer support capabilities, it is crucial to register using the proper activation key in two places:

  1. Typhoon portal (My Typhoon), for accessing technical support;
  2. Typhoon HIL Control Center software, for accessing software toolboxes and HIL devices.

It is important to note that these two places are separated, so in order to use the full potential of the Typhoon toolchain, you should register in both places.

1. How to get the proper license?

a) If you or your organization is already using a (physical) HIL device: Every device supplied by Typhoon HIL has a dedicated activation key. Ask your superior/colleagues for the appropriate key and use it to register in both the Typhoon portal and Typhoon HIL Control Center. There is no limit on the number of users that can use the same activation key.

Tip: If you or your colleagues are already using Control Center, but are not sure where to find the activation key, please read the "3. Typhoon HIL Control Center" section of this FAQ.
Note: If your organization has more than one HIL device, entering an activation key for any of those devices is enough; you don't need to ask for activation keys for every single HIL device.

b) If you don't have an activation key and you want to use the free version of the software: Submit this short form and a Virtual HIL license activation key will be sent to you automatically by e-mail. After that, you can register in both the Typhoon Portal and Typhoon HIL Control Center using that key. Please note that using the free Virtual HIL license comes with some limitations:

- Activation keys for the free Virtual HIL software license do not include access to technical support.

- You can run your models in the Virtual HIL environment, but not using real-time HIL emulators.

- You can use all free software features, but not the premium features that require dedicated toolboxes.

2. Typhoon portal (My Typhoon)

The Typhoon portal is the place where you can manage your Typhoon HIL account and perform the following actions:
- download license file
- change activation key
- check HIL devices and toolboxes that you have access to
- change your account password

In order to access your subscription page, you first need to register. During the registration process, you will be asked for a valid activation key. If you don't have one, please check the "1. How to get the proper license?" sections of this FAQ.

It is important to register in the subscription database using the proper activation key because this allows you to download license files and use customer support services.

3. Typhoon HIL Control Center

In order to use the full capability of Typhoon HIL Control Center, you need to import the proper license. This can be done by downloading the license file from the subscription page and importing it using the Import license button.

Alternatively, if you don't have access to the subscription page or license file, you can register by clicking the Change license button and entering the valid activation key.

In case you are registered properly in Typhoon HIL Control Center, but not on the Typhoon portal, please copy any of the active activation keys from the License info dialog in Control Center and use it to change the activation key in the Typhoon portal.

License updating: As long as your PC has an internet connection, licenses that are used by Control Center are updated every time you start the program. This may include upgrading additional toolboxes/HIL devices or extending existing licenses. If you don't have internet access, you will need to get the license file and then manually import it using the Import license button shown above.

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