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How to do CAN loopback
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HIL devices that support the CAN communication protocol are: HIL 404, HIL 602+, and HIL 604.

HIL 602+/604 has two separate CAN controllers, with separate connectors, running on a 100 MHz reference clock. These two controllers (referenced as CAN 1 and CAN 2) can be connected to the CAN network through a standard 9-pin D-sub type male connector with the following pin-out:

Figure 1: CAN controller connector pin-out

To do a loopback, you need to connect the CAN_L and the CAN_H ports (pins 2 and 7) of the CAN 1 controller to their matching ports on the CAN 2 controllers(pins 2 and 7). Additionally,a 120 Ohm termination resistor should be connected between the CAN_L and CAN_H pins on each side.

The HIL 404 has two separate CAN controllers, routed to one D-SUB connector. To set up hardware for loopback communication, it is necessary to connect CAN 1_L (pin 2) to CAN 2_L (pin 9) and CAN 1_H (pin 7) to CAN 2_H (pin 4) as well. The 120 Ohm resistors are connected between CAN_L and CAN_H pins on both sides.
Figure 2. HIL 404 loopback

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